Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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My principal told me I am being investigated for an issue.  What do I do?  Click HERE for a step by step process and what do you do if you suspect you are in trouble with the employer.


I am using Short-Term Sick Leave, and am being paid at 90%.  Does that mean 90% of each pay period?  When members are reduced to 90% for sick day absences, it is only a 90% per-day of absence reduction.  It should be seen as a daily-rate reduction - almost like the way a supply teacher is paid. So, if you are away for three days of a pay-period and being paid at 90%, your GROSS PAY will still be the same, but there will be a reduction line that will deduct the 10% pay for those THREE DAYS of work. Check the “DAYS_NOT” deduction line on your pay stub, and call Tracey Germa or Daniel McLean at the office if you require clarification.

I’m a Lead Teacher and get extra pay.  How is that pay determined? The Ministry of Education sends a set amount of money to the Board each year that is designated for Department Head renumeration.  Under the Collective Agreement, that allocation is to be fully used for SLT pay.  The amount of pay is determined on a level system based on the number of sections that is under the area that the Lead is responsible for.

Why is my January paycheque so small? This is actually an annual occurence primarily due to CPP and EI deductions starting up.  This is compounded by our January payment of the Ontario College of Teachers fee.  Some years it is even further compounded this January’s increase in the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan.

What do all the codes on my pay stub mean? If you look at your pay stub online in MyKPR, you will find abbreviations for deductions that might not make sense.  Click HERE to see a list of pay stub abbreviations.  Call District Office if you require further clarification.

Ontario College of Teachers fees; how much are they and when do I have to pay them? According to the OCT website, for 2016, the fees will be $150.  If you are currently in a teaching assignment, the OCT fees will come off your pay in one lump sum, usually on the January 15 pay.  However, if you are on any kind of unpaid leave, including maternity or parental leave, you must pay the OCT fees early in the new year or else you may be suspended from the OCT for non-payment of fees.


What Benefits am I entitled to? Members need to refer to the Benefits Booklet (click HERE for a pdf of the Benefits Booklet) for a detailed list of benefits coverage and amounts.  If members have any questions, they can call the Secondary Benefits contact at the Board office.

I’m a part-time teacher.  How does that affect my Benefits coverage? Under the Collective Agreement (Article 8.01.01 – 2008 to 2012 Agreement), part-time teachers must assume the pro-rated cost of being part of the Benefits Plan based on their employment status (i.e. .667 teacher must assume .333 of the cost to have access to the Plan).


I’m going on a leave and my Lead Teacher term expires while I’m on the leave.  What happens to my position? The term of your SLT will end when it is supposed to.  You may apply for the same SLT position, or any other SLT position that comes up during your leave that you are interested in applying for.  However, it is incumbent upon the member to apply for those SLT positions when they are posted.  The employer is under no obligation to inform you about the postings while you are on leave; that is the responsibility of the member.


What happens to my status as an OSSTF member if I accept an Acting Administrator position? Article 27 covers Acting Administrator language in our Collective Agreement.  Under that Article, to be classified as an Acting Administrator, the term of that position may not be less than ten (10) consecutive working days, and not more than 194 consecutive working days.  During that time, the member will be removed from the Bargaining Unit and not pay Union Dues.  Seniority will be “frozen” in place during the term of the Acting Administrator position and should a member return to the Bargaining Unit their seniority is unaffected.  If they remain an Admin after the 194 days they are then removed entirely from the seniority list and would not have any entitlement to their spot on the list if they ever wanted to return to teaching.  Members need to read the Article carefully for more details and are strongly encouraged to contact District Office if they are considering taking an Acting Administrator position.


Can I be forced to be a Teacher-In-Charge for a day at my school?   NO.  In Article 27.01, it states that, “No teacher shall be a teacher-in-charge…”.  However, we do have a Letter of Understanding in our current Agreement that provides conditions for a Teacher-In-Charge to exist in an “emergency” situation.  The TIC would be a voluntary position and there are some provisions outlined in the Letter of Understanding.


I’ve been injured at work.  What do I do?  If you have been injured at work, report the injury to administration as soon as possible.  Call the Employer at 705-742-9773 xt 3333.  Then, you will need to fill out a WSIB Form #6a, even if you do not miss any time from work.  The administration will also fill out a form of their own, as will your attending physician.  We always advise all members that if you have experienced an injury at work to visit a doctor as soon as possible.  Not doing so could result in no compensation being provided to you by WSIB if symptoms related to the injury are shown at a later time.  Go to the “Documents -> Health And Safety Information” section of our website for more details.

I am the victim of a Violent Incident at work.  What do I do?  2 things: call the District Office 705-748-3444, and also fill out a Violent Incident Workplace Report.  (through MyKPR and LiveCycle Reporting, or call the Office and ask where to find it)