Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 14 Kawartha Pine Ridge

Communications / Political Action Committee (CPAC)

Welcome to the new Communications / Political Action Committee!

Political Action:

The Political Action side of this committee focuses on how the political environment affects us as educators. We make direct contact with local trustees about issues concerning education, engage in political protests, and support members voting at all levels of Government. Additionally, the committee members work to find ways of engaging members in political activism through membership in our local Labour Councils and our connections with other Labour organizations in the area. There is strength in union membership and we are always seeking to work with our Brothers and Sisters to help ensure that the rights of workers are honoured and respected.


We publish a regular newsletter, One For All, to inform our membership about what other schools are up to, keep up to date on District information and foster an overall feeling of unity in our geographically widespread District.  Click HERE to go to new and back issues of One For All.

Please feel free to send in an article or pictures to the District to be included in the newsletter.  We would like the newsletter to reflect what is happening in our schools and in our District. Articles do not have to be very long, so any interesting tidbit would be welcome!

Some of our regular features included Dear Jimmy (where members can ask questions about our working conditions, the Collective Agreement, and their role as an OSSTF member), Contract Throwback (where we take a look at the history of Collective Agreements in our board), as well as updates from your Presidents (both Teacher and Occasional Teacher).

The committee also uses Facebook and Twitter to increase our ability to reach the membership. We encourage everyone to link to these pages as they are kept up to date with the latest information.

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There should be a CPAC Representative at every school.  Ask your Branch President if your school has a CPAC rep... and if not, feel free to join!  If you wish to get involved please contact the District Office to find out the date of the next meeting.

If you have an idea for a particular event, stunt, poster, article, or message that teachers should hear please also contact us at the District Office.