Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 14 Kawartha Pine Ridge

Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC)

The Collective Agreement defines our salary, working conditions, benefits and a myriad of other factors affective the daily lives of teachers.

Preparing, negotiating and maintaining the collective agreement is fundamental to our Union.  The Collective Bargaining Committee is responsible for preparing the brief (the document we give the Board outlining requested improvements to our agreement), surveying the membership, monitoring negotiations, communicating with he members, writing contract language and training.

If you have an interest in the collective bargaining process; like working with words and numbers (a ‘detail’ kind of person) and are interested in making a difference, consider coming out to a CBC Meeting!

Experience is not necessary ….. a desire to work on behalf of your profession is!

Visitors are always welcome to attend a CBC Meeting to check it out.  Just give Daniel a call at 705-748-3444 or toll free at 1-877-677-8314 for the next date.

Thank you
Daniel McLean, Chief Negotiator